Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Does CJonline care about the legitimacy of journalism?

I discovered this over the weekend and wanted to bring it to your attention. The Capital-Journal dead tree edition runs something they call the Business Review. You've seen the page. It's chock full of little ads and in the middle features promotional patter about one or more local business.

In print, this content is clearly labeled "An Advertising Feature of The Topeka Capital-Journal." It's not even listed on the front page index of the paper's content.

CJonline, however, just shovels this stuff onto the Web server sans any disclaimer of journalistic intent. It's presented as another news item and they list and present Business Review as just another content section of the news operation.

Now granted, if you read these pieces you'd think they were really odd little news stories and once you figured out that they're ads you might well be annoyed that you were suckered into reading promotional copy in this manner. Perhaps you'd even consider complaining to the paper and the merchants involved about this.

But, if you wrote like, actual news stories for the paper, I'd expect you to be justifiably pissed-off that this drivel is given equal stature.

Down the road I'll be writing about the blurring of the boundary between journalism and commerce often...oh, trust me.



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