Thursday, March 02, 2006

C'mon, put your ink where your mouth is

This op-ed piece from March 1, 2006:

Teddy Eck -- Another star

Is simply a rehashing of this bit of February 27 small-town news:

Ex-Topekan lands on 'Law and Order'

Only the addition of this final graf is new or transforms this into an editorial:
"So Topeka could puff out its chest a bit when Eck's name appeared at the beginning of the show, because the seeds for his talents were planted here. Thank goodness the school's and the community's programs for the performing arts were there to nurture them."
I'd be inclined to ignore this incredibly lazy act of recycling if, on a completely related matter, the Capital-Journal had done likewise. Where is the editorial reconfiguration of this February 28, 2006 article reporting on the complete defunding of the Topeka Arts Council:

Arts Council drying up




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