Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another lunar eclipse.

Just when I think Chris Moon can't generate yet another blog item, the immense shadow of his own bias blots out the rays of his last glaring act of partisanship.

Today, Moon reported on the controversy surrounding Representative Jim Ryun's (R-Kan)Washington DC home purchase involving what may prove to be $61,000-saving sweetheart deal from a Jack Abramoff front operation.

Ryun says home buy wasn't sweet deal
Published Thursday, March 30, 2006

Moon did nothing but give Ryun an opportunity to defend against the charge without any critical examination of the facts on their merits and compounded it by making no effort to examine Ryun's claims, simply giving them an uncritical airing.

This will get tiresome before it gets funny. Mr. Moon, cut it out.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

US Family Network is organization that Abramoff used to funnel money from shady Russian oil companies to Congressmen in exchange for support for multi-billion dollar IMF loan.

US Family Network is the organization that Jim Ryun bought the house from for below market value price.

TCJ doesn't really examine this issue. They just mention the name of the organization, without indicating how Abramoff was using the organization. And, they don't explore any policy links between Abramoff, US Family Network and Jim Ryun. Jim Ryun is member of Budget and Armed Services. Remember: Duke Cunningham was on Armed Services.

12:34 AM  
Blogger Red Pencil said...

That's my understanding as well. I appreciate you bringing that up. Sometimes I err on the side of caution when trying not to bring my politics into focus when casting a critical eye on the performance of the Capital-Journal. Sometimes being explicit about what's not covered would tend to undermine that effort. I confess I haven't always restrained myself. In the case of the sex-ed piece I shared my views.

In any case, thank you. For those that want to read it, the original story about Ryun's purchase is at The Associated Press did not credit the blog as the original source of this story in their coverage but it is.

Also, several points I was going to add are covered in TPMmuckraker's followup


7:04 AM  

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