Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Not a manifesto.

I've been considering things.

I've been considering the motivation for launching this blog and I've been considering what I intend as its scope. I've also considered the consequences.

Let me be clear in the fact that it's the moments of disgust and outrage that reading my local paper frequently triggers, that animates the decision to go forward with this undertaking. But having made that decision it occurs to me that I wouldn't enjoy the creeping-curmudgeonliness that would ensue from an endless stream of cranky rants. As such, it's my intention to spotlight both the good and the bad. There is abundant, good work in the Capital-Journal. I will bring both brickbats and accolades to this page.

And though I've titled this blog 'The Red Pencil,' I am not really interested in being the paper's copy editor. I will only highlight spelling and grammatical errors when they are either egregious or...amusing. I fully expect my commentors to take me to task when I err. And I will. It's an area where I will try to employ a deft touch.

Factual errors are fair game. Yesterday (January17, 2006) , a story about the opening of the Johnny Canino's restaurant flatly stated that Tiramisu is lemon custard. Yeah...not so much.

Baseless or unsupported assertions come with a target painted on. Naked agendas will be noted.

I will welcome pointers from others to things I may miss. Reading and commenting on the Topeka Capital-Journal is not, nor will it become my mission in life. I won't catch everything.

I will also not limit myself to discussing the TCJ/CJonline. I may comment from time to time on other Topeka, regional or national media as well as other things Topekan. I may go off on a Chicago Cubs tangent...who knows...

There was an item in last week's paper that was the metaphorical straw that collapsed the apathy that was my camel. I have a document to scan then I'll write it up as an upcoming entry. Normally I'll try to be more timely than this but that occured just as my hard drive experienced its digital rapture.



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